Tamara Seraph ~Some say she's a dreamer...John Lennon says she's not the only one.

Originally from NJ she has made Virginia Beach her home for over 20 years.

Tamara is the technical force behind RT C2C Records. Her artistic endeavors include  poetry, painting (Fine Art), songwriting collaboration with Cy Taggart  of Richmond Va, and songwriting Collaboration &  Musical Engineering and Production with Richard Moratin.

Tamara is also scouting upcoming artists to help them share & showcase their talents.

Tamara has an abundance of energy and is working non stop to make dreams come true.

~Life is not a spectator's sport~

Tamara Seraph Poetry


"Peace in Our Time" Written by Tamara Seraph & Cy Taggart. Performed & recorded by Cy Taggart

Listen to PCNRTYM

on Neil Young's site Living with War Today

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